See us at IMS 2017 in Copper Mountain booth #1940

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Diamond Engineering is proud to announce that our new millimeter wave (mmW) capable products will be on display in Copper Mountain Technologies booth #1940 at the IMS 2017 show in Honolulu June 6-8 2017

Copper Mountain Technologies has officially entered the mmW arena with their new CobaltFX line of millimeter-wave frequency extender modules with frequencies up to 110 GHz. Come see our new D7000-mmW line of light duty waveguide capable positioners performing live basic antenna and RCS measurements. Come discuss your millimeter-wave application with us to find the right solution for you.


x250 Series Antenna Measurement System

antenna measurement Our Super Duty model with Ethernet Control and frequencies up to 40 GHz
The Super Heavy Duty x250 Series Antenna Measurement Systems is the newest addition to the Diamond Engineering product line-up. Featuring dual-axis encoded stepper movement with our advanced 3D measurement software, plus a 400 lb. capacity tripod is also included for the most demanding loads.


NEW: Full Spherical Mount

Full Spherical Antenna Mount The FSM5 - Full Spherical Mount is now available to order. This low reflection attachment fits directly onto your existing x000 series antenna measurement system enabling complete spherical antenna measurements in one step while maintaining phase center. Efficiency calculation software is also included with the system.
Features Include:
  • DC-18 GHz frequency range
  • 90% Delrin construction
  • Accomodates up to 12" Dia. AUT
  • 1/10 degree resolution
  • CTIA and general efficiency software
  • Runs from existing controller connections


DE700_26 Reference Horn

The Diamond Engineering Reference Horn Antenna has been designed to eliminate the need for multiple reference antennas when testing a broad frequency spectrum. Capable of operating from 700mhz to 26ghz while being completely system compatible, it is ideal for measurements or communications. Unlike most other reference horns on the market, the impedance is 50 ohms from DC to the band. Additionally, the Diamond Engineering reference horn also features a dielectric lens which dramatically improves beam profile and gain. In fact, the gain actually increases with frequency, similar to true aperture gain! The excellent match and monotonic gain provides the combination of application and performance.




New Item!Antenna Network & Measurement Simulator

Now offering our full feature two-port simulator with wave analysis which includes fully customizable drag-and-drop elements that enable users to create diversified simulations in frequency or time domain. Three main objects include schematic, amplitude (or Smith chart) and an array calculator.

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Other Features:
  • Analyze networks, including path-loss or phase
  • Create phased arrays or sector arrays
  • Radar Cross-Section (RCS) simulation and measurement
  • Create matching circuits for measured antennas
  • Use the antenna emulation library for ideal networks

Sample drag-and-drop elements: